Michael Jordan Basketball Shoe Sold 2.5 Billion Dollar

The pair of sneakers Michael Jordan basketball shoe that had worn at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics finals on Sunday (11/06/2017) sold for 190,372 dollars in online auctions, SCP Auctions said.

Michael Jordan Basketball Shoe Sold 2.5 Billion Dollar

jordan shoe got auction

As reported by ESPN, wearing Converse blue white shoes, Jordan – then still an amateur player – scored 20 points in a game against Spain on August 10, 1984 which ended with a 96-65 United States victory.

Michael Jordan plays for the US Olympic team, under the tutelage of coach Bobby Knight, who won eight games with an average of 30 points.

After the game against Spain Jordan gave his shoes – both signed – to an 11-year-old ball boy, according to SCP Auctions.

“The shoe is the last shoe that Jordan has ever seen, not a Nike brand, SCP says.”

It is said Michael Jordan prefers Adidas shoes before signing a contract worth 500,000 US dollars with Nike after the Olympics in 1984; its brand now generates $ 2.5 billion (approximately Rp33.2 trillion) in annual sales for Nike.

Michael Jordan Biography

Michael Jordan is a professional basketball athlete from America. He is one of the best basketball athletes ever in the world, recorded six times successfully won the NBA (National Basketball Association) with the Chicago Bulls basketball club (1991-1993, and 1996-1998), not only that, he has a very big over the popularity experienced by the

Michael Jordan has three older brothers (Larry Jordan, James R. Jordan, and Deloris), and a sister named Roslyn.

Michael Jordan loves to play baseball when he was a kid, besides playing basketball he also played soccer. He started playing basketball when his older brother, Larry, invited him to play one-on-one basketball, but from the fight Michael Jordan lost, this defeat prompted him to become a better player.

Jordan played basketball for Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina. However Michael Jordan was expelled from the basketball team in his second year. He did not give up despite being expelled from the basketball team, it actually made him for better achievements, practicing for hours on the pitch. “Every time I work and get bored and think I should stop, I’ll close my eyes and look at that list in my nameless locker room above it,” Jordan said, “and that’s what usually keeps me going again.”

After deciding to retire from the basketball world, Michael Jordan became an entrepreneur. In addition to being listed as a Bobcats owner, he is busy with the property business and plays in a movie called Space Jam (1996) with a cartoon character Looney Tunes and sometimes playing online gambling at agen bola terpercaya (trusted soccer agent Sbobet).

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