How To Chose Suitable Basketball Shoes For You

Choosing suitable basketball shoes is very important for basketball players. The ideal shoe can help the risk of injury and improve movement in the field. Here are tips you can use to choose the ideal basketball shoes. From my opinion Jordan 14 shoes is still the best Basketball kit up for sale out there, but you can read this cool 4 tips for you below, check it out.

4 Tips To Chose Suitable Basketball Shoes

Suitable Basketball Shoes

Measure Your Feet

While you have known the size of your shoes, it could not hurt to evaluate them again. This is because, the shape of your feet can change over time (even when your feet have stopped growing). Knowing the size and shape of the foot is very helpful to ensure the right shoe.

High Top, Mid Top, Low Top

Basketball shoes can be divided into three types: High Top, Mid-Top, and Low Top. This kind of shoe is defined by your style of play and your choice. Each type of shoe has its own advantages and disadvantages, namely:

High top, of the three examples, this type is the most have protection to the angkle, and also most have good stability. However, because of the additional material, this example is the most severe. If you need extra protection for angkle and extra stability to your movement, choose this example.

Mid top, this example has only high angkle. Therefore, this example still provides enough protection for the ankle. Because the model is shorter compared to high top, this example still gives freedom to move compared to high top example. These shoes are suitable for all-around players and beginners. These shoes are also the most wearers.

Low top, profit from this example is the lightest of the three types of shoes. In theory, these shoes provide access for players to play fast and agile in the field. However, it should be noted, that these shoes do not provide protection to the ankle pretty well.

buying basketball shoes

Determine Your Type Of Game

Step three to buy suitable basketball shoes is to define what kind of players you are. Are you the kind of player who loves cutting and slashing by relying on speed and agility? Or are you the kind of player who likes post-up / fighting bodies with big man players? Consider the type of game that is key in ensuring the ideal shoe to apply. Here are the most common types of games and the most ideal type of shoe by game type:

Power Player, the layman of this type of game is the most rely on post-up. Fighting the body in the low post zone is a common thing for this type. Because this type of game is the most rely on physical contact and springboard, the power player requires shoes with stability and extra protection. The additional weight is not too impactful for this type of game. Therefore, the most suitable shoes are High Top or Mid Top.

Speedster, fast players rely on speed and agility, so they do not expect any extra weight to stem their game. Therefore, the Low Top is the most appropriate shoe they use.

All around player, this type of game combines every aspect of the game, it’s good post-up, slashing / cutting. Therefore, this type of game requires shoes that have a good flexibility and protection. Mid Top is a shoe that can provide these needs.

Prioritize Quality rather than Appearance

One of the most important things in choosing shoes, choose shoes that can provide your needs. It is not because of shoe example or color. Often the glare player will sample examples and attractive colors in the shoe kiosk. Rebound with a game in the field, not her shoes.

Trick to Earn Easy Cash to Buy Basketball Shoes

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